Elinar is a multispecialized agro-industrial holding.


consumers all over the world

Electrical insulating materials production


Agro-industrial complex

“First Fresh Foods”

Guarantee of products quality.


“Zemlya dlya Zhizni”



of the territory




    Manufacturing of the products for the electrotechnical application, plastic products, production of the packaging materials.


    Production of meat, milk, cereal crops. Stud farm for the black spotted cows breeding.


    Industrial area “Kotovo”, industrial park “Rozhdestvo”, renting of flats and industrial facilities, selling of the land plots.

0 industrial production establishment
0 start of electrotechnical activity
0 year of agro-industrial holding incorporation

  • Team work

    Personnel is the main value and basis of the company. Company takes care about the creation of worthy conditions for the labor and career growth of the employees.

  • Social responsibility

    “Elinar” social policy is aimed on the increasing of life quality of the holding employees and all residents of Ateptsevskoe rural village. We are realizing the social program of overall development of the territory “Zemlya dlya zhizni”.

  • Innovativeness

    We put the innovative ideas into the basis of our new products manufacturing, and for the realization of these ideas we use the most advanced technologies.

  • Ecology

    We build the production processes in accordance with the environment and implement the unwaste technologies. We participate “Plant you own tree”, collect the batteries and scrap paper.

на наш стенд
FC020 Павильон «Форум», ЦВК «Экспоцентр»

На стенде компании «Элинар» и группы COGEBI посетителям будут представлены электроизоляционные материалы на основе слюды, полимерные пленки и стеклоткань, применяемые в электро- и энергомашиностроении при производстве турбо- и гидрогенераторов, тяговых электродвигателей, электрических машин промышленного назначения, бытовых приборов, материалы для кабельной промышленности.

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