The Supervisory Board meeting – the results and perspectives.

The sites managers of  “Insulation materials” production association of “Elinar” and “Cogebi” groups get together quarterly in Ateptsevo village on the Supervisory Board meeting. The main topics of the meeting in the beginning of the year became the summing up of the previous year and the plans approval for the current year. The Supervisory Board approved the financial budget and the sales plans for 2019.

One of the significant event of the meeting was the acquaintance with the representatives of “Foldcore” Dutch company with whom “Cogebi” group has been cooperating for more than 6 months within “Innovations” project.

“Foldcore” company was established in 2005 on the basis of Shtuttgart university. The company specialists developed the exclusive technology which can be put into the serial production with usage of mica. It is the good alternative for the aramide solutions used earlier, both from economic and technical points of view.

Cooperation between “Foldcore” and “Cogebi” is a synergy, an excellent combination of the material (mica) and the lightweight  matrix technology.  As a result, the lightweight, absolutely safety, fire-resistant and non-toxic materials are produced, which have no any analogues and competitors all over the world!

Such materials are highly-demanded in the aerospace industry, in the transport industry, in construction of buildings and facilities during the engineering as well as for filtration. The high demand for the new material and multifunctional potential of its application give evidence of the wide perspectives of this activity development.

Among the other important moments of the meeting, it is necessary to note the appointment of Jaime Manzano for the position of the managing director of “Cogebi Inc” (Dover, the USA).

The fruitful work of the Supervisory Board was finished by the fishing on the pond in Gorchukhino village and traditional winter teambuilding in “Elaghino” park.