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Manufacturing of electrotechnical products, glass fiber, plastic products, packaging materials.

ZEIM “Elinar” is situated in Naro-Fominsk district of Moscow region. The plant is the one enterprise in Russia and CIS countries which has the unique production of mica papers. Using the original technologies of mica flaking, mica pulp preparation and formation of continuous length of mica paper fabric, the plant produces the all known types of mica papers which are the basic for the all mica EIM.

асв“ASV” is the Russian plant which produces the thin glass clothes for the electrotechnical application and the glass yarns for the cable industry. The mica tapes for the systems of generators and electrical machines insulation are produced on the basis of the glass clothes. The products made of the glass fiber materials are applied in different fields of industry and development.

It is a joint Russian and German plant which manufactures the polymeric profiles. “Elinar Plast” carries out the 2 types of manufacturing of plastic products: extrusion and molding types. The optimal combination of technology and equipment with the strict control of the all production parameters is the guarantee of the products quality, the performance of the delivery terms and the attractive prices for the customer.

владимирский заводThe main activity of “Vladimirskiy plant of film materials” is the production and sell of PET films with width of 10 – 70 µm for the electrotechnical industry and packaging. The main consumers of “VZPM” products are the cable plants all over Russia. For the last years the plant has successfully learnt the slitting of PET film with width of 8 mm.