Own incubation egg!

Own incubation egg!

The Russian industrial poultry farming is one of the areas that makes a significant contribution not only to the country’s economy, but also ensures its food security by supplying consumers with the high-quality animal protein which is necessary for maintaining of the human health. Every year there is an increase in products manufactured by the poultry industry. And today, in the conditions of growing demand for the fresh products from broiler chicken meat, the poultry complex “Elinar-Broiler” is taking the new steps towards strengthening its position.

Within the course of the President and the Government of our country on ensuring the food security and import substitution, with the active support of the Governor of the Moscow region A.Y. Vorobyov and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Moscow region, the Elinar Group of companies is implementing the investment project on creation the new breeding reproducer of the meat crosses of the chickens.

On October 29, the grand opening of the new production took place, i.e. the breeding reproducer “Malodubenskii” of the full-cycle poultry complex “Elinar-Broiler” for the production of the Russian incubation egg, located in the Orekhovo-Zuyevskii urban district.

The project allows to create the high-tech production complex for 250 thousand poultry places with a projected capacity of more than 42 million hatching eggs per year. The total investments volume will exceed 680 million rubles. More than 100 highly qualified new workplaces will be created.

Thanks to the implementation of the project and commissioning of 29 new poultry houses, the company will provide itself with the own incubation eggs by 100% by 2023 and completely abandon the imported eggs, and it will sell the eggs to the other poultry companies by 2024.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, I.E. Kuimov, the General Director of “Elinar” holding company, thanked all employees of the new structural unit of “Elinar-Broiler” poultry farm – the breeding producer in Malaia Dubna, as well as the employees of the service departments of “Elinar” group of companies, for the painstaking work on preparation of the new site for commissioning. In the shortest time, the Elinar employees managed to carry out the reconstruction works of the first stage, and this is a complete repair of the buildings of 6 poultry houses for 150 meters with population of 45 thousand heads each, assembling of the new communications, purchasing and installation of the new technological equipment for the poultry keeping, selection and training of the personnel for the new production site. But there is still a lot of work ahead – the remaining 23 poultry houses should also be fully ready and put into operation by October 2022. “Next year this wonderful division will lead us to complete independence from the purchasing of the eggs and thereby to full confidence in the absolute epizootic and ecological situation on our poultry farms. This will reduce our costs for the preventive measures on the veterinary control of various diseases, reduce costs and standard cost and enable us to continue investing in the development of production and increasing of the volumes of the produced poultry meat, which is so highly-demanded by our customers,” said I.E. Kuimov.

At the opening ceremony, the Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Moscow Region S.B. Voskresenskii wished the company the further development and success and also noted: “We celebrate this day together with you and we are sincerely glad for your success. Your success is grandiose. We all remember in what conditions our poultry industry was in quite recently and what results we have already achieved now. The approach that you are implementing is not just commercial, it is the state approach. And this is very important. The new breeding reproducer “Elinar-Broiler” will allow the Moscow region, among other things, not to depend on the imports from Europe. This is a very important step towards our food security. This is a very significant event. You have approached this issue very thoroughly. You have a very high-quality eggs and breeding stock. And naturally, the Ministry of Agriculture is very happy about this event and will support this company in every possible way. I sincerely hope that you will continue this path further.”

The acting Head of the Orekhovo-Zuyevskii urban district of the Moscow region, R.V. Zagolovatskii, in his turn, added: “It’s nice to see that the reconstruction and development of the production of the largest food company in our district is taking place. It’s nice to realize that the company has got more plans for development, large-scale and even grandiose. Many thanks for the fact that the residents of Orekhovo-Zuyevskii urban district have the opportunity to work near their place of residence. We hope for further close cooperation. And we wish that everything worked out for you.”