Hot summer 2021: development of Gorchukhino recreation area

Hot summer 2021: development of Gorchukhino recreation area

Summer is a season of holidays, open air rest, and gathering friends at campfire and many other highlights which will be flashbacked in winter.  Though many people are trying to spend vacation in the southern countries close to the sea, the others prefer to rest in the Moscow region, not far from home.

Gorchukhino recreation area has already been welcoming its guests, fond of active and family beach holiday, for several seasons. For this reason there were some more new things introduced throughout this year, besides already well-known and popular summer houses of various formats, boats, catamarans and wakeboards.

In July, snow-white quartz sand was brought to the beach area in Gorchukhino, which delighted all visitors, because they had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of a truly resort holiday. The youngest visitors of the beach were also delighted with such a gift: after all, it’s great to sculpt sandcakes and build sand castles with parents and friends! The beach in Gorchukhino meets all sanitary and epidemiological standards, as reported on the official website of Rospotrebnadzor. Employees of the Elinar group of companies conduct a weekly water analysis at the sanitary and epidemiological station. According to the results obtained, the water quality in the pond meets all the requirements, so beach guests can not fear for their health and calmly enjoy swimming in clean water, which, by the way, warms up to +26 degrees on hot days!

For people fond of solitariness in nature, a glamping was built this summer – a frame structure made of timber that combines the comfort of a hotel room and the opportunity to relax in a tent on the river bank. The tent offers a wonderful view of the mirrored water surface of the Nara River, on which a local family of ducks swims in the mornings and evenings, and on the glamping terrace you can arrange a romantic candlelit dinner or have breakfast, enjoying the sounds of nature, the singing of birds and the aromas of flowers and herbs.

Outdoor summer houses are equipped with soft glazing and mosquito nets to make it even more comfortable and pleasant for visitors to spend time in nature and celebrate various joyful events regardless of weather conditions and time of day.

In July, the cafe “First Fresh” started working on the territory of Gorchukhino recreation area, where guests are offered delicious aromatic sausages, chicken wings and barbecue made by “Elinar-Broiler”, sandwiches, burgers, hot corn, as well as a wide range of snacks and drinks.

Gorchukhino recreation area is a place where old and new friends are always welcome and tried to do whatever possible to make your vacation comfortable, safe, but at the same time splendid and memorable!