New addition among the residents of Kotovo industrial area

New addition among the residents of Kotovo industrial area

Summer 2021 has become quite productive for Kotovo multi-functional industrial area thanks to a number of significant events, to be exact 4 new residents joined the residents of the industrial park!


In July there was an agreement made with “Coffee collection” company, known also as “Ornelio” on purchase the site in Kotovo industrial park where it will create an up-to-date production on coffee roasting and packing. This company produces both roasted coffee beans and ground coffee of wide variety.  Its products are presented in many different supermarkets.

The contract for the purchase of a production site was also signed in June with the scientific and production company “Biteka”, which is engaged in developments in the field of nanotechnology. This is a family enterprise of a chemists dynasty who, since the 90s of the twentieth century, began their activities on the basis of Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences named after N. S. Kurnakov, and then created a larger-scale production of active raw materials for cosmetics, medical, veterinary and food products. All products of “Biteka” company are made on the basis of natural mineral components.

In July, the company “Narpromrazvitie” signed a production location agreement with the company “Chemotrade – the Russian representative office of the English company “Larchfield”, the largest certified supplier of chemical materials, aviation equipment for aircraft maintenance and spare parts for ground equipment. The company “Chemotrade” has acquired two land plots, on one of which a modern plant for the production and repair of parts, spare parts, honeycomb panels and other components for aircraft construction will be built, and on the second – a facility for the storage of food additives.

Besides, in July, a production location agreement was signed with the company “Thermo-Kont MK”, which is engaged in the development and serial production of modern medical thermal containers, electronic thermal indicators and thermal recorders for the “Cold chain” of supplies of thermally unstable medical and social products. The products of this company are in demand both in Russia and on the international market: deliveries of various models of containers are carried out to Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Eritrea, Sudan, Jordan and other countries. Thermal bags or thermal boxes of the TM-8, TM-35, TM-52 type were registered in the specialized laboratory of the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2004 and were included in the WHO/UNICEF catalog (WHO/UNICEF).

All of the abovementioned companies are actively engaged in conducting engineering surveys on land plots and designing their future production facilities in order to reach the final stage of construction by the summer of next year and be ready to start production.

We wish the new residents prosperity and success in construction and further work and are always ready for fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation!