Triumphal victory of “Elinar” team tourists on the rally of 2015

Triumphal victory of “Elinar” team tourists on the rally of 2015

It is excellent that there are summer, friends, sport events which join everybody in the commitment to win and grant joy, health and beauty. The first summer month became the triumphal for “Elinar” team sportsmen and tourists. The confident victory was achieved in the tourist rally of Naro-Fominsk municipal district. Twenty two teams from the urban settlements and villages of the district competed for the right to be the absolute winner of the touristic rally 2015.

The ceremonial opening of Spartakiad was held in the morning of June 12. The special guests of the event greeted the participants of the touristic rally, they were V.V. Andronov, the Head of Naro-Fominsk district, S.M. Malykhina , the Deputy of Moscow region Education Minister, A.N. Baranov, the elected official of Moscow regional Duma as well as the heads of urban and rural settlements of the district. After the official part, the honored guests took part in the competitions on mini-football between the district administrative authorities’ team and the settlements team. The companionate matchup ended in a draw, with a sport score 1:1.

Mini-football became the one of the most spectator sports of the second competition day. “Elinar” team is the absolute leader in this sport for a few years. This year “Elinar” football players with Pavel Shevchenko in the lead could damp ardour of all teams with which they had to play and to confirm the rank of the best team of Spartakiad.

During the first day of the touristic rally the competitions on volleyball, water tourism, hiking technics, orientation.

The day ended with the creativity competition. Elinar people performed the musical and dramatize composition on “Smuglyanka” song. This song wasn’t chosen by chance. The touristic rally was dedicated to 70th anniversary of the Victory, and the task for the creativity competition “Who’s said that there is no place for the song on the war” was connected with the victory subject.
June 13 was the last day of the competitions. At 10 AM the team of 4 Elinar sportsmen went to acquire a fortune in the multirally. The team separated for the hikers and bicyclers. They had got the maps in their hands and the a long trim trail forward. The other members of the team saw off their sportsmen at the start in order to meet them with triumph at the finish.

The competitions finished at 16.00. The touristic rally participants, a little bit tired and exhausted by the sun, were slightly upset, knowing that leaving was soon. But moving forward, the most long-awaited moment of the touristic rally was ahead – the enumeration.

“Elinar team has won”, – the masters said. At first, it was difficult for “Elinar” team sportsmen to believe in it. For many years they have been reaching to that long-awaited victory, and this year they achieved success! Our congratulations to them!