“The best in profession” competition in Astrakhan glass fiber plant

“The best in profession” competition in Astrakhan glass fiber plant

In weaving department of ASV plant there was arranged a professional skills competition “The best in profession” among the workers.

Four weavers and four master assistants of the weaving department entered into a competitive struggle. They competed in theoretical and practical parts, on different days- according to working schedules and requirements taking into account the spread of a new coronavirus infection. No indulgences and leniency from board of justice, which is understandable – in real production conditions mistakes in such a complex division are unacceptable.

It’s prestigious to win in this competition! According to the participants, they all are competing by their own will and with more passion, becoming better. At first, it is interesting despite the fact that the contest was arranged not for the first time. Secondly, the workers get here additional tasks which will help them in principle production activity.

The participants showed responsible approach in their preparation and high level of theoretical knowledge and perfect practical skills during the production of various types of glass fabrics.

The winners are Nadezhda Loparyova (a weaver) and Sergey Derbasov (a master assistant).

Congratulations to the victory in the competition! Do not rest on your oars!