The first brand store the “First Freshness” in Moscow

The first brand store the “First Freshness” in Moscow

Our company “Elinar-Broiler” is one of the leading poultry farms of the Moscow region, and wins the hearts not only of the Moscow region residents, but also of the Moscow ones.

For the moment, the brand stores of “Elinar-Broiler” are successfully running in the Moscow region. The products of our poultry –farm are also supplied to majority of the largest chain stores of the Central Region of our country. New stores are opened practically every year.

Late summer the first store under the “First Freshness” brand was opened in Moscow, located in Sadovaya Spasskaya Str., 17/2 where buyers will be able to duly appreciate the wide range of our products. Besides cooled poultry meat and fresh culinary products, the visitors can taste and buy already cooked products which is quite convenient for busy people living in the metropolis. Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation is located just across the street. A lot of business centers and Ministries are situated not far from the new store, in which the wide range of the products is represented: cooled and cooked poultry meat products, beef, dairy, fruit and vegetables, beverages, groceries, bakery, sausages, frozen products etc.

Elinar holding company plans to go on with the development of the brand stores chain “First Freshness” in Moscow and in the Moscow region following the concepts “nearby the office” supplying the service of cooked dishes provision, and the so-called “corner shop” which will be actively visited during the weekends.

We invite you to make tasty shopping in the shops of Elinar-Broiler and the “First Freshness” brand stores!