Vivid impressions and positive emotions help children to be healthy

Vivid impressions and positive emotions help children to be healthy

Children of Naro-Fominsk school for the students with limited health capacities came to visit Elinar in June. They visited the corporate museum and gave a gift to Igor Kuimov, the General Director of “Elinar” holding as a sign of gratitude and appreciation. A very pretty cow which the children made with their own hands. Now this cow took its place of honor in the corporate museum.

After that the young visitors had a tour to the dairy farm of AO “Elinar” in Bashkino. And since that moment excitement and emotions prevailed over their shyness! Having dressed in special clothes, the children got acquainted with the milking process, visited the feed storage, could see the equipment for the feed preparation, cooling and storage of milk and even had a chance to feed a newborn calf. A visit to the calf house caused flood of positive emotions. Children communication with animals helps them in their recovery. There is even a special term – “animal therapy” – communication with animals as a medicine. It is also called “curing with love”. After all, animals are able to relieve stress and many diseases of the nervous system, they make us kinder and more attentive.

During a delicious afternoon snack at the farm, the children shared their impressions and excitedly told each other what name of the cow they liked and remembered the most.

The schoolchildren promised the cows to visit them again and again at our dairy farm.

Employees and management of the farm express their gratitude to the children for their sincere and kind attitude to animals.

Administration of MBEI Naro-Fominsk school for students with LHC expresses sincere gratitude to Igor Kuimov, the General Director of JSC Elinar Holding company, for the fruitful cooperation in social partnership in the education of children with disabilities.

We appreciate the cooperation with you and are well aware that the success we have achieved in recent years is the result of painstaking teamwork and constant interaction with your specialists. Thanks to your openness and desire to help, we have achieved good results in the adaptation of children with disabilities in the modern environment.

I. G. Samuseva, Director of the school