The Governor of the Moscow region opens a new house for chicken

The Governor of the Moscow region opens a new house for chicken

“Elinar-Broiler” poultry farm is a modern poultry production unit for breeding of the healthy birds with the high palatability traits. Annual increase of the production volumes is of high priority of Elinar’s poultry breeders. 15 new poultry houses have been built and put into operation within the year. The complete launch of the complete broiler growing line has been marked with the solemn opening of the 16th poultry house where Andrey Vorobiev, the Governor of the Moscow region, Andrey Razin, Minister of Agriculture of the Moscow region and Igor Kuimov, the General Director of Elinar holding company, personally set going the new residents –little chickens. 45 thousand chickens will be grown in this new poultry house. It was built using the most advanced technologies: lighting, microclimate, feeding systems operate automatically, creating the most comfortable conditions for the chickens growing.

We are opening new subdivision with 100 job places. Different kinds of support are provided in the Moscow region, and Elinar-Broiler received our support in different spheres, which allowed to extend the production. The products of this poultry farm are well-known, high quality, available in all the chain stores,-stated Andrey Vorobiev. –We included measures of poultry breeding support as well as of the other directions, e.g. vegetable production under the coverage, cheese, milk and grain production into the agriculture development programme”.

In 2018, the project of the poultry farm concerning the production modernization received support from the Industry development fund of the Governor.

Whilst giving an interview to the TV channels, Igor Kuimov, the General Director of Elinar holding company, informed about the company’s further development: “Poultry meat production volume has increased about 3 times for the last 10 years. This year we will receive 67 thousand tons of poultry meat. And the next year this figure will be increased by 20% due to the new line launch”.

According to Igor Kuimov, the company plans to arrange technically upgrade of the production in order to be able to produce poultry meat of the fixed weight in the up-to-date packing.

The poultry farm has always been provided support measures, subsidized loans and direct investments.

Just a couple of weeks ago we have received support of the Regional Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of investments and innovations. At the moment we are filing the credit for one more line,”-added Igor Kuimov.

Reconstruction of the incubator with the capacity of 60mln eggs and with the investments volume of 250 mln rubles will be finished in Q1, 2019 and will allow to increase labour efficiency by 20%.

During the visit to Elinar-Broiler, the Governor had a look at the poultry breeding farm and had a chance to communicate its employees and thanked for the high quality performance and professional job, wished health and good mood.

Besides, Albina Krasilnikova,  a participant of the environmental campaign “Alive River” and the head of the Quality department had a chance to express gratitude to the Governor for the arrangement and continuation of the good deeds campaign- “Our Moscow region”, the prize of which Elinar’s employees have taken.