Program of vocational guidance of young people on “Elinar” production base

Program of vocational guidance of young people on “Elinar” production base

One of the most important decisions, which the person makes in the life, is a choice of profession and career path that will determine a lot of events of the further biography. What can influence on this choice? There are many factors. But one of them is a personal dedication and interest. When the young man sees the production process firsthand, helps the employees to fulfill some obligations, he is filled with the plant spirit, forms his own impression about the different professions.

The plants of “Elinar” group host the younger generation for several years with the informative and interactive excursions, which not only acquaint the children with the plants, but help them to choose their profession. Only for the last year more than 90 pupils and students have visited the industrial sites of “Elinar”.

The most little representatives of the younger generation visited the dairy farm of “Elinar” in Bashkino village, where they were acquainted with milking process, visited the feed storage, viewed the equipment for the feed preparation, milk cooling and storage, visited the calf house.

The older pupils visited the high-tech “Elinar” EIM plant production in Ateptsevo village within the project of Ministry of investments and innovations of the Moscow region “I do business”. The children got acquaintance with the nuances of the technological processes of the EIM production. The General Director of “Elinar” holding company I.E. Kuimov and the Director of the plant A.I.Kuimov directly acquainted the pupils with the production. The plant tour was dovetailed with the interesting and exciting workshops. The children got opportunity to take part in the production process. For example, they tried their hands in packing of the collector gaskets made of the micaceous laminates as well as in the mica tapes packing.

The Deputy Minister of investments and innovation of the Moscow region N.A. Karisalova visited “Elinar” plant together with the children. “We would like to tell our children, mainly the senior pupils, about what their parents are doing as well as how the business is developing in the Moscow region, what is produced, what is done. Therefore, in perspective, we would like our pupils and students really find themselves at the plant of the Moscow region, choose the profession, which will be the shape of their heart,” – she noted.

The students of the 3rd and 4th year of Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia of “veterinary evaluation and certification” discipline also visited “Elinar-Broiler” poultry-farm.

The young people were impressed not only by the accurate and well coordinated work of the complicated machines managed by the experienced personnel, but the longstanding proud history of “Elinar” holding, the corporate culture, social programs and projects, with which the children got acquainted in the company museum.

Such meetings form the positive image of the future work in the industry for the young people and help the plants to recruit the young employees.