Nice traditions in labour and creation!

Directors of production sites-members of Insulation Materials Business Unit of Elinar and Cogebi Group of companies had a meeting at the end of April during the Supervisory Board regular session and presented the financial and production results of Q1, 2018. Besides, they received approval of the Board for realization of investment projects and discussed the tasks for a new period.

IM BU General Director Peter Landendinger made an overview of investments for 2018 for all the sites. This year the biggest investments were approved for Ateptsevo, Tabor and Astrakhan. Mark Sterckx, a new managing director of Cogebi Lot (Belgium) reported to the Board members about the state of affairs in production for the first time.

Presentations of Chris Geerts, the senior consultant on innovations of Cogebi Group of companies, about the light-weight structures project excited interest of the meeting participants, and provided samples showed new possibilities of mica application. It was resolved to continue working on this perspective project. At the moment, possibilities of strategical cooperation were studied.

Peter Landendinger shared good news from Brasil, informing about his recent visit to Cogebi Do Brazil site.

On the threshold of May holidays, the official program of the Supervisory Board meeting ended with an unusual event – planting a pear garden. All the participants of the session as well as the other managers armed with the necessary instruments and good mood and planted young pear trees not far from the central entrance in Ateptsevo. All trees were personal, next to each plant there is a special sign. Pear is a symbol of longevity in some countries, as due to its amazing vitality the average life of a pear tree is about 100 years. Elinar people respect their traditions. Apple and cherry gardens are actively growing in strength. Now everyone will be pleased with a pear one. The Chairman of the Supervisory Board Igor Kuimov in his turn expressed hope that all participants of the event will take care of the trees planted by them for many years, and the young trees will grow into a real garden.