Fairytale routes in Astrakhan

Fairytale routes in Astrakhan

The sports and fairytale event under the slogan “Hello, school!” took place in Astrakhan at “Zarechnoe” recreation camp. This year the children of “Astrakhan fiber glass” (ASV) plant employees became the rightful owners of the event.

The quest with participation of the fairytale characters was performed for the children. There were mischievous Baba-Yaga with full pocket of the sweet “worms”, the major whistler Nightingale the Robber, the kindest old man Koschei the Immortal, fair Ivan Tsarevich, the beautiful Wise Vasilisa with the impressive braid on the shoulders and the mischievous Lillebror and Karlsson who came for a visit. For the whole day they accompanied the children crowd through the route of the fantastic map.

The games were conducted with the songs, poems and strength exercises. The children rode on the fairytale horses, whistled with Nightingale the Robber and even went to the General Director for confirmation of the route correctness! Everyone tried to be the first at finish, but the friendship won, and the trunk box as the main sweet prize was divided equally.

The children were awarded for the crafts made of plasticine, for the beads made of the materials at hand as well as for the drawings and poems about school and summer. So, nobody stayed without the gift or the sweets.

The first-grade pupils of 2018 received the bright bags with the creative kits for school and the informative books.