“EcoLife. Separate with use.”

“EcoLife. Separate with use.”

Environmental pollution problem has already escalated long time ago. And on December 31, 2017 the President of the Russian Federation signed the law about the separate waste collection and its stimulating measures. Since January 2018, it is forbidden to deliver many categories of the waste to disposal areas.  The section of the law relating to the powers of local authorities in the field of solid municipal waste handling shall enter into force on 1 January 2019. In the municipalities of the Moscow region there will be installed three types of containers: blue for” dry “garbage, gray for “wet”, and orange for” dangerous” waste. “Dry” waste includes paper, plastic, metal, glass, etc., and “wet” waste is food and plant waste. “Hazardous” waste includes batteries, thermometers and fluorescent lamps.

Elinar employees express care of the environment of the native land and presented their new social project “EcoLife. Separate with use.”

Separate waste collection has already become real. We should take care of the cleanness of our living environment. Active participants of the project will arrange conferences and seminars devoted to the rules of separate waste collection, will participate in the arrangement of the separate waste collection, to cooperate with the schools and kindergartens in order to popularize the separate collection even among the little citizens.  Profit received from separate collection will allow to implement improvement of the building surrounding grounds more actively.

Separate waste collection is a concept which starts working on the level of individuals and its effectiveness depends mostly on the diligent separation. Such approach requires responsibility and consciousness.

Besides cooperation with the younger generation , the active participants of the project are actively implementing separate collection in all the companies of Elinar group. Managers are intensively arranging the places of waste collection, pay much attention to the staff training and find contractors for the waste disposal and further processing.