Ateptsevo production site has successfully passed audit held by Siemens AG

Ateptsevo production site has successfully passed audit held by Siemens AG

Production capacities evolution at ZEIM Elinar runs taking into account all the recent market trends and due to this doesn’t remain unnoticed by the customers.

At the beginning of 2018, our plant was visited by auditors from German industrial giant- Siemens AG, producer of turbo- and hydro –generators.  The main goal of the auditors was to make sure that the processes of mica paper production run perfect and the produced mica papers meet the high requirements of international quality standards.

The audit program included the processes of mica papers production, manufacturing of slot armors for turbo- and hydro- generators, the processes of product testing and production support.

Siemens AG auditors visited production departments, laboratories and got acquainted with technological and regulatory documentation. During the audit, a high level of technology development and quality assurance system was noted. The auditors paid much attention to professional qualification of the plant employees, increasing the knowledge level and involvement of the personnel in the production process. According to European experts, these components significantly affect the success of the company and the quality of products.

All employees of the plant, who participated the audit, passed it with dignity, which showed the mutual understanding and team spirit of people working at Elinar electrical insulation materials plant.