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“Elinar” group of companies actively develops the broad-scale development projects on the territory of Moscow region. “Kotovo” industrial area, “Rozhdestvo” industrial park, rent of the residential and industrial facilities, sell of the land plots.

Narpromrazvitie is a management company on implementation of the development projects of “Elinar” group of companies. It actively implements the large-scale development project on the integrated assimilation of “Land for Life” territory which includes: “Kotovo” multifunctional industrial district, “Kotovo” retail park, recreational cluster – “Wonders of World” activity park with the modern park, entertainment area, sports sites, dwellings zone with the social and business facilities for the employees of MPO “Kotovo” living.

Sell and renting of the land plots, real estate units on the territory of Multifunctional Industrial Area “Kotovo” and Naro-Fominsk district.

“ElinarStroyInvest” construction company performs the functions of General contractor, technical customer at the building of OAO “Elinar” holding company facilities. The company provides the necessary services on the organization of works, construction compliance monitoring and control for the building process, it receives the permission and technical documentation and realizes the facilities commissioning.

The hotel is situated in Ateptsevo village, in 10 min drive from Naro-Fominsk and 30-40 min from Vnukovo International Airport. The interior is in classical European style. The hotel is acceptable as for the business trips, so for the leisure activity.

ElinarPromBetonElinarprombeton company offers favorable terms of delivery of different types crushed stone. We work with bulks producers at exclusive conditions and use own resources for crushed stone transfer, shipment and delivery. All this makes it possible to find optimum financial conditions of cooperation with customer.

Phone: 8 (985) 289-86-34

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На стенде компании «Элинар» посетителям будут представлены электроизоляционные материалы на основе слюды, полимерные пленки и стеклоткань, применяемые в электро- и энергомашиностроении при производстве турбо- и гидрогенераторов, тяговых электродвигателей, электрических машин промышленного назначения, бытовых приборов, материалы для кабельной промышленности. Все крупнейшие предприятия электротехнического комплекса здесь!

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